Cultural Center Father Simon El Zind

It was established in the framework of a cooperation protocol signed between “Darbessama – Foundation of P. Simon Zind” and the parish of Mar Maroun-Haret Sakhr under the auspices of the Patriarchal Vicar of the Diocese of Jounieh, Msgr Antoine Nabil al- Endari, Maronite archbishop.

The center has a public library, available free of charge to the sons of Jounieh and all the scholars of knowledge, at the request of Father Simon Zind.

Mr. Eddy Abi Akkar donated more than 25,000 books to the Center. The books were packed in Paris and shipped to Lebanon.

The works of the library have gone through all the stages of its foundation: the cabinets in which the books will be kept were prepared after the parish of Mar Maroun completed the construction work of the wing dedicated to the center of the pastoral complex. These are private cabinets that preserve books from the influence of time. The books of F. Simon have been placed on the shelves, and the center, with the help of God, will be equipped with computers, a reading room and other room for conferences, seminars and meetings.

Today, there is a young team in charge of the library, who is in charge to upload the books on a special computer program, cleans them and backs them up.

For all those who wish to participate in this effort, the door is open!